Finance and Commercial

Company was in need of working capital for expansion. Organised the production of a prospectus and the issue of this to companies’ house. Converted the company to a Plc and raised £1m thus enabling a doubling in size.

  • Investigated the purchase of a complimentary business to enlarge the group. Analysis showed purchase of assets preferable to acquiring company resulting in saving over £200K and not taking on potential claims.
  • Calculated that one subsidiary, although marginally profitable required disproportionate central management, so decided to sell, realising £500K which was utilised to improve core businesses.
  • Two independent engineering companies in defence industry were operating from two separate locations with own premises, management and overheads. Combined both companies on one site resulting in savings of over £750K. In addition one site was sold for £500K.
  • An outside registrar was being used which was relatively expensive and cumbersome with only 500 outside shareholders. Purchased software for £200 that enabled register to be brought in house thus saving £5,000 pa while giving management a closer tie to shareholders in order to keep them informed and to make sure all Companies House deadlines were met.
  • Negotiated better terms with suppliers, in particular with insurers reducing premium by £80K pa and by improving accounts system was able to reduce audit fees by £10K. Overall overheads were reduced by some £120K in a period of increasing costs

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